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Achieve Cleaner Completion Fluids With Pall’s Tailored Filtration Solutions

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Clean competition fluid is necessary at multiple phases of completion that may include initial displacement of fluid

Completion fluids are specially formulated brines comprised of chlorides and bromides. Following well drilling, the completion fluid is recirculated through the well bore to sweep away residual solids during completion activities that prepare the well for production.  The presence of solids and particulates in the completion fluid will reduce its cleaning effectiveness at the wellbore. There is also the potential for completion fluids to flow nto the formation.  For well safety, the density of the completion fluid is very high, and may be  ‘overbalanced’ or heavy enough to flow into the formation during recirculation to stop a blowout condition.  For both the standard wellbore cleaning and overbalanced flow situations, robust filtration is needed to clean the fluid of contaminants to avoid formation plugging to help ensure the long term productivity and dependability of the well. Clean competition fluid is necessary at multiple phases of completion that may include initial displacement of fluid, during and after perforation wash, gravel packing, cement reaming or drilling, circulating procedures, trip displacement, pills and pill spotting volumes, and the use of new mixed brines.


To achieve the cleanest completion fluid possible, Pall provides a wide range of complete filtration solutions through to  retrofit element styles depending on your current filtration equipment availability and needs.  When a complete housing and filter element solution is required, the Ultipleat® High Flow filter delivers an economical and reliable filter system for high flow applications. The Ultipleat® high flow filter is a large diameter, coreless, single open ended, pleated cartridge with an inside-to-outside flow pattern. The filter's unique crescent-shaped pleat geometry, combined with its large 152.4 mm (6 inch) diameter, 40”, 60” or 80” lengths and proprietary range of available Pall filter media, allows the use of significantly fewer filters and smaller housings for high flow rate applications that control up front, labor and disposal costs.


High Flow filter housings are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations depending on operational and space considerations. For quick availability, these housings are also available through our rental program for flows up to 9500 gpm.  With it’s compact design there are up to 40 times fewer elements to change out vs. conventional 2.5” O.D. elements. It accommodates high flow rates – up to 1900 lpm (500 gpm per element). A coreless, all plastic construction minimizes waste disposal. The absolute rated filter medium delivers reproducible performance, and inside-to-outside flow configuration means all debris stays within the filter.


For users or service companies that already have existing filter housings, a wide range of filter elements are available, including Nexis, Claris and string wound depth cartridges, Marksman bag filter retrofits, and an extensive range of bag filters.  Products with either nominal or absolute ratings in various configurations are available to meet your cleanliness, filter service life and op cost needs.


For ultra clean completion fluid filtration, Pall’s premium Ultipleat® High Flow filters or wide range of retrofit filters eliminate contaminants to ensure optimal well productivity. For more information, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.

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