Upstream Offshore Boiler Water

offshore boiler water applications

Pall typically recommends a microfiltration system followed by reverse osmosis.

With decades of offshore industry and application experience, Pall Corporation provides a variety of filtration and separation products and services specifically designed to solve reliability issues for both topside and subsea applications.


Pall’s large library of proprietary core materials is at the heart of our capabilities. We configure or modify these materials to separate, remove, or selectively capture even the most elusive contaminants.


For offshore boiler water applications, Pall typically recommends a microfiltration system followed by reverse osmosis.


Our broad range of crossflow membrane technologies address a wide range of water purification needs, from rejecting emulsified oil droplets to removing dissolved salts.


Products include:


  • Pall Aria™ hollow fiber microfiltration systems
  • Pall Membralox® ceramic microfiltration and ultrafiltration systems
  • Pall Disc Tube™ high-pressure reverse osmosis systems


Pall liquid particle filters are used to remove contaminant particles from a liquid stream. The presence of these particles can lead to excessive pump wear, heat exchanger fouling, contactor foaming, and regenerator fouling as well as a reduction in coalescer and carbon bed life. Removing these particles is an important part of an overall preventative maintenance program.


Products include:


  • Ultipleat® High Flow filters
  • Marksman™ filters
  • Coreless Profile filters
  • Nexis® filters • Claris® filters


These filtration solutions address the problems of on-platform boilers that are fed from surface water sources that contain high levels of solids and other contaminants that can harm equipment. All waters contain varying amounts of dissolved and suspended matter and dissolved gases. The boiler feed water must be filtered so that it does not exceed the tolerance limits of the manufacturer's recommended levels.


For boiler water sources for offshore platforms, Pall’s Ultipleat® filters can remove solids and contaminants for better performance and longer service life. For more information, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.

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